Software Development Outstaffing: Advantages, Challenges, And Best Practices We Build Amazing Software For Your Business

You’ve landed the client that needs one of the cloud solutions you’ve previously developed for them, and you don’t have cloud engineers on your team. As a result, you’ll have team members familiar with the client’s IT infrastructure and the needed specialists who will jump into the development process right away. Outsourcing and staff augmentation in software development (outstaffing) mean different approaches to who and how will do a particular tech task. And before we explain this any further, we need to provide a few definitions of terms we’ll use throughout the article.

software developer outstaffing

For companies, the trick is sustaining this kind of exceptional developer experience as they scale. Cognitive load refers to the mental effort a developer must expend to complete a task. If that task is complex, distractions like poorly documented code could overtax them—potentially causing mistakes, delays and other problems. However, each of these options has its pros and cons and distinctive features. AS per Statista, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$313.70bn in 2022).

The Outstaff on DesignRush

Outstaffing for software development provides businesses access to a global talent pool, allowing them to hire the best developers worldwide. This can be particularly beneficial for companies in areas with a need for more skilled developers. To build two SaaS companies in the Bay Area, I’ve leveraged offshore development teams to a degree of success.

These developers are then fully dedicated to the client, who determines what the developers work on and when. That’s why we came up with a unique model for outstaffing called Yourshoring. The Yourshoring model allows you to hire an extended development team built entirely around your needs. In other words, we help you create a high performing remote development team that is entirely tailored to your product requirements and vision, not ours. Another advantage of outsourcing is that the vendor usually has a bench of specialists that can float in and out of the project on an as-needed basis. This is harder to do with outstaffing, in which developers are usually full-time or fully dedicated to the client.

Cons of outstaffing

Unlike outstaffing, a software outsourcing company manages the developers in the hired dedicated team. And, unlike the outsource cooperation model, a dedicated team is responsible for a certain part of the development process. Software development outstaffing is a practice that offers several benefits to businesses, including cost savings, access to a global talent pool, scalability and flexibility, and reduced time-to-market. However, it also has some drawbacks that companies need to consider, such as language and cultural barriers, lack of control and communication, and security and privacy risks.

Organizations from various industry niches always need experienced IT specialists with the appropriate knowledge in their field. How to prevent fraud in the supply chain, store patients’ data, or build an app that analyzes insurance-related data and comes up with a prediction? All these cases can be covered by experienced software developers and the appropriate experts.

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Outstaffing presumes a kind of personnel “rental” from a third-party company. This type of employment is special because a company outstaffs a certain part of its legally registered employees to fulfill their software developer outstaffing duties and execute the tasks set by the customer company. Outstaffing provides businesses with an opportunity to look for fresh pools of talent located in other cities, countries and even continents.

  • Thus the client is ultimately accountable for any team success or any team failure.
  • At SCAND you can hire mobile app developers with exceptional experience in native, hybrid, and cross-platform app development.
  • The delta between an ordinary developer and a great one is like the gulf separating the average writer from a bestselling author.
  • The significant advantage (or disadvantage) of software services outsourcing is that all the management lies on the shoulders of the outsourced development company you hire.
  • The difference between offshoring, outsourcing and outstaffing is that the offshored team is officially employed by you.

The type of offshore development highly depends on your project needs. If your team is having trouble solving a couple of tasks, then outstaffing is preferable. Also, it is the best choice when planning to build a project from scratch.

Cons of Outstaffing

Not surprisingly, many organizations from the United States and European countries prefer to outsource and outstaff to Ukraine or, in neighboring countries due to the excellent value for money ratio. A team simply adapts the existing methodology, processes, monitoring tools, and communication approach. Commonly, a customer hosts repositories and automation means, managing them.

software developer outstaffing

Yet, you can never rest fully assured of your informational safety until you patent your idea or sign an NDA. It means that each and every one of us can follow a vision or a philosophy of our own. While companies are just like people, you risk experiencing business approaches’ incompatibility, especially when it comes to outstaffing developers from another country. Different management practices can bring copious problems to the table. Still, it feels like this problem can be easily avoided by a fruitful discussion you can have with your vendor at the very beginning of cooperation. Hiring benefits your company since you can hand-pick quality developers.

Outsourcing Software Development

Kick off is faster, but the client’s project specifications should be prepared in advance. Get handpicked, hyper talented developers that are always a perfect fit. Does that sound like a lot to digest, or need more help with potential outstaffing challenges? Check out our helpful guide on how to solve the 14 typical issues with offshoring. I recommend avoiding shops that claim to be experts in “Java, Python, C++, and AI/ML” and that spam you with faces of attractive females representing their agency’s expertise.

As mentioned earlier, hiring an outsourcing company is cheaper than hiring and maintaining an in-house team. However, as with outstaffing (we’re gonna talk about it later), some outsourcing companies may charge additional (unexpected) fees for project management, administrative support, etc. If you want to be sure that there are no hidden costs about outsourcing software development, we’d recommend that you discuss them with the outsourcing company at the very beginning of your collaboration. Unlike outsourcing or offshoring, outstaffing or hiring dedicated dev teams is a relatively new phenomenon in the field of software development. It became possible due to affordable technical opportunities, which help to organize remote teamwork.

The Process of Outstaffing for Software Development

Outstaffing is suitable for clients with a strong in-house team and a developed project who are looking for a niche expert to extend the project. It’s best for seasonal work, and it won’t suit those who want to build the entire project from scratch. The same level of control can also extend to the code base of your project. In order to safeguard your code against potential security attacks or data theft, certain companies may limit your access to the code during the building phase. The experience reported by Deloitte Survey respondents is mostly (78%) positive.

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